House Raising

We can lift your structure to enable you to build a basement where none existed before in order to turn crawl space into living space. We can raise your building to give you additional clearance above the water table for flood protection. We can lift your house to offset excessive settling in order to repair your foundation to restore the structure to a perfectly level configuration.  

House Raising and Repositioning

We can lift and rotate your structure up to 360 degrees for aesthetic as well as functional purposes. This is true in the case of historic buildings located in mid-town that are facing modern thoroughfares or commercial structures.  

House Raising and Moving  

We can raise your building, rest it on our dollies in order to create a smoother and more accurate ride, and relocate your house from as little as one foot to 100 miles (or more). We then gently lower your structure onto its new foundation without compromising its integrity in any way.  

House Moving Estimate at No Cost

When you are satisfied that the house moving estimate meets your specifications, our experienced and reliable professionals will begin their work, and you will be informed of its progress as the job continues.When you want the work done right by experienced and reliable professionals, one call to Anderson Building Movers is all you'll need.Please contact us for more information.  

Mobile Homes

We move both new and used mobile homes, If your home does not have wheels or axles we will provide our own air ride mobile home moving dollies.